Driving Away The Pain (Single Father)

Ficlet: By Your Side

Title: By Your Side
Author: unforeseen_77
Pairing: Ten, Donna
Rating: PG (romance)
Spoilers: The End Of Time Part Two
Summary: An alternate fix-up to the End of Time to which Donna has swapped with Wilf in the radiation containment device and it goes from just after Ten has raged about defeating the Time Lords and sending them back being his reward and deciding to try and free Wilf/Donna.
Disclaimer: The first bit of dialogue is from the show, I do not claim it but from there after it is mine :)
I do not own Doctor Who or the characters or anything....I wish I did though.
Authors Note: No beta sorry.
Wow it's been 2-3 years since I've posted a fic....oops sorry <3

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Geeks are all around :)

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*heavy sigh* I'm going to have to restart Oblivion.
It seems I have stuffed up when leveling >_____>
And also gone to do the main quest too early so I'm now stuck XDDD
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DT sexy coat

This just made my day


8D I really can't comment because I can't expressed how amused I am by these xP.
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Driving Away The Pain (Single Father)

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FInally found Empire Toys today in the city xP.
Of course I'd go looking for it on the one day it's closed >.>
Oh well *heavy sigh*
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