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Prometheus Thoughts

Went and saw Prometheus last night with DaThe Entire atory: Alternate Universe
Yup, that;s my thoughts, no I lie xD.

I quite liked David (Michael Fassbender), I love the fact that he's based off Peter O'Tooles Lawrence of Arabia. It was cute :) Though I knew he would be one of those misguided good characters. Seems to be the norm recently. Good characters that have clouded judgements and make the wrong decision (or are on the wrong side) and then turn out to be somewhat good in the end.

I called on Vickers being Weylens daughter wayyy before we were told. Seeing as the "surgery machine" is for a male not a female. At first I thought so does that mean Vickers is trans-gendered but then the captain and Vickers decided they were going to get it on so I guess not.

And finally we have a confrontation where the woman is pushing the man around. I was amused by the fact that the two are almost the same height. I suspect that they may have given Charlize high boots for her to match Michael who is 6 foot compared to Charlize who is 5'9'. 

And what is with the women always being in lycra outfits, that leave nothing to the imagination. I don't need to see a skin tight outfit to know she has curves. Though it wasn't any better for the men when David was trying into get into the Enigneer's chair (which was taller than him)  he grimaced when he first sat in it as it has that weird middle bump in the chair but once you sink into the chair it's fine it's comfortable but not at first as this is coming from a woman who has nothing to worry about when it comes to sitting down on things. 

The engineer was so tall O.O I've seen tall people 6'11 to 7 foot some are but my god that's tall. Poor Shaw (Noomi Rapace) looked so diminished compared to everything <3

I cringed throughout the surgery of Shaw getting the alien (dark liquid) out of her. *shudders* It was was worse because she was awake for the "caesarian" and the anaesthetic did jack shit seemingly and was still in pain. Mind you you're not exactly meant to be moving about when you've just had a caesarian from what I recall.

Dad and I then spent the walk back to the car under the umbrella in the rain talking about the continuity errors.
My answer still and will be: Alternate Timeline/Universe (I know it's set in the same universe but I don't care) XD

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