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 *bounces up and down* Gareth David-Lloyd and James Marsters are coming to Perth's Supanova *bounces even more* Heee :) Though it'll most probably be chaos at their panel from a volunteer's point of view but still I don't care! xP
Big hug <3

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It's too hot again! X_________X
And it's not even 40 degrees! Damn you humidity *shakes fist*

I feel like I'm melting ;________;
At least I'm not wearing makeup though xD. That'd be very bad xP.
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Driving Away The Pain (Single Father)

R.I.P Lydia

At 1.35am, a woman coming home from a Christmas party was killed when her car hit a power pole on the Mitchell Freeway in Joondalup.

It really does hit home when someone you know tragically passes away.
I went to middle school with her and I hung out with her for two-three years. She was
a wonderful girl and had her life cut tragically short way too soon.

Our thoughts are with your family and friends.
You will never be forgotten.
R.I.P Lydia Abela
Driving Away The Pain (Single Father)

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 Okay, wtf. Is today everyone become tetchy day or something?
Seriously, people are jumping down each others throats so fucking easily today.
I don't get it! This is including most of the men too. Not just the women.

I wonder if people forgot their chill pill today :/
*grumbles quietly at work* 
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:o devo! Just found out *rather late* that they are remaking Maleficent in live action >_______>
And I don't want to say who may be playing her either because it's a worrying thing :/